Monday, June 22, 2009

Monte Carlo, Cannes, Nice, Villefrance

June 22, 2009
Morning call - the captain's cheerful announcement that we had arrived
in Monte Carlo woke me up around 7 a.m. although some others in our
party slept right through that. We had some breakfast and "tendered"
to port around 10 a.m. We wandered through Monte Carlo and took some
pics of the very well-manicured parks and fountains.

Grabbed a train to Cannes. I was impressed with the city: obviously,
it gets a lot of tourists and you can tell they try to keep it updated
and clean. My favorite thing that happened in this city was when Chris
and I were starting to head back to the train station. I asked him if
we were going to get the Cannes Poster. He said, "No, I told you we're
not getting a composter." I'd been talking for awhile about getting a
composter and Chris seriously thought that's what I was talking about.

We visited Nice and took photos of the beautiful blue water, although
the rest of the city is a little dumpy and dirty. Sunbathed in
Villefrance - Euro-style, and headed back to Monte Carlo.

Unwound in the hot tub, ate dinner with strangers (for the 2nd night
in a row), and tried to get our internet working!


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