Monday, June 22, 2009

Civitavecchia & Rome

June 21, 2009
We arrived in Rome safe and sound, but a little bit later than
expected: 9:45 a.m. Since we shipped our big luggage, we didn't have
that to worry about, but we did each have two (fairly heavy) carryon
bags that we had to carry around with us the whole day. We tried to
cram in as much Rome site-seeing as we possibly could before taking
the train to the port our cruise was leaving for, in Civitavecchia. We
managed to squeeze in trips to the Coloseum, the Forum (newly
restricted with scaffolding), the Vatican square(?), St. Peter's
Cathedral, the Spanish Steps,
and the Trevi Fountain. We used the metro to get around to all of
them, and, thanks to Chris's in-born-radar, didn't get lost AT ALL. He
walked us to the Trevi Fountain on a "feeling" we were going in the
right direction.

We hustled, i.e. full-on-sprint, bags and all, back to the Termini
train station to catch a train to Civitavecchia. Imagine Home Alone 1,
the running in the airport scene. Just 1 1/2 hour, and about 8 Euros
later, we made it to Civitavecchia. Our luggage was waiting in our
room, though it was not as easy as it seemed. Half of our clothing was
soaked! We're not sure if we should be mad someone dropped our
suitcase in a puddle, or thankful that someone saved our bag from
sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

An emergency drill, where I donned full life-preserving gear, dinner,
and we were done for the night.


Anonymous said...

Euro-Style?? Does that mean topless in a thong? Risque!!!! Marriage has made you quite liberal.

Sally said...

Haha! I will leave that up to the imagination...

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