Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Naples overview

June 24, 2009
Earlier someone pretending to be me mentioned that I may have been in
a bad mood earlier today. This is true. I believe it began at 7:30
a.m. when I heard our hallway steward, Adrian, knocking on our door
and saying, "Good Morning, Sir, Madam?" Our alarm was set for 8 a.m.
but I assumed we overslept and it was, maybe, 10 a.m. and he was
trying to make our bed. So I called out "ONE MINUTE!!!" and then I put
on a robe and ran to the door and looked out. There was no one there.
He had been knocking on someone else's door and I seriously thought he
was knocking on ours. So then we slept for another hour and a half.

We got off the boat after 9 am. and walked around Naples looking for
the train station. This is when my (little bit of) bad mood set in.
Naples, the birthplace of pizza (we had 2 pieces today), is not
impressive. I thought it was dirty and crowded and the traffic is
crazy. I didn't even think there was that much worthy to take a
picture of. The Naples train station was disorganized, but we finally
made it to Pompeii, which WAS worth taking pictures of.

This was one of those places where you take a million pictures and are
so glad you have your camera. I counted my blessings last night
because after the comedy show, I lost my camera CASE and not my
camera. How does that happen? How can I be so lucky? Pompeii was
wonderful. Definitely my favorite place we have visited so far.
Reasons I loved it: the ruins are so well-preserved, the entire city
was salvaged, and you can walk all around it. It is so different from
other ancient artifacts that are in museums and they don't even let
you breathe near them. You actually got to go sit on Pompeii benches
and go into Pompeii rooms. I don't know how they get away with it
without the public ruining pieces of the city.

Plan for tonight: dinner, then Slumdog Millionaire on the big screen
outside by the pool.


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