Sunday, June 28, 2009


June 28, 2009

Toured around town for awhile. There were lots of shops in Mykonos,
very similar to Santorini. I liked Mykonos better than Santorini
because it had the same Greek feel, buildings were painted all white
(to keep them cool) with blue windows and doors, and the town was
built right on the ocean, but there weren't as many steep hills to
climb and the whole city didn't stench of donkeys. It was also easier
to get around. We took a lot of photos including a portion of town
deemed "Little Venice" which overlooked the remnants of a hillside
wind-farm. We had what was probably our best gyro so far, and Chris
told the food stand owner so.

The next series of events was memorable in several different ways. A
very cheap, short (15 mins) bus-ride from town took us to Paradise
beach. Fantastic views the whole way there, amusing to see the bus
driver maneuver his way along the narrow country road only wide enough
for one bus. The ocean water was crystal-clear, cool, and refreshing,
the beach came right up to the water. This was not the only part that
was memorable.

On our bus-ride back, our vehicle came to an abrupt stop. We peered up
around the bend and saw a four-wheeler, several motorcycles, and a
cluster of people scurrying about. On the other side of the road was
an embankment, brick wall, and another four-wheeler that had tipped
over. As we approached, the bus ahead of us stopped, along with
several other cars ahead, and our driver hopped out to see what was
going on. This delayed us for what must have been 30-45 mins. There
was nowhere we could go. Driver was trying to assist as much as
possible. During our wait, a man on the bus pushed his way to the
front and ran outside into someone's yard to relieve himself. The bus
was completely full, packed like sardines with people filling not only
the seats, but also the aisle. Everyone watched him disappear behind
the trees, and laughed when he climbed back onto the bus.

We think the four-wheeler drive only injured his arm, a yellow
ambulance took him away, and we were back on our way. As we turned the
corner, we saw a minibus that must have been involved in the
collision, as the windshield was completely collapsed inside the van
and the front fender was rammed up into the vehicle in a similar
fashion to the four-wheeler. Made it back to the ship in plenty of
time for the pool and a nap.

Also of note today was that a fellow patriot, in passing, commented on
Chris's tshirt, "Hotty Toddy." I should note here that I attempted to
comment "War Eagle" on a prior occasion earlier in the trip to someone
wearing what I thought was an Auburn tshirt. In retrospect, I don't
think it was the Auburn logo but rather a similarly-fashioned design
by A&F as they did not return my comment with "War Eagle."

Possibly watching "Mama Mia!" under the stars tonight after dinner.

Images show:
Guess who went to Gay Town last night?
Us in front of Little Venice.
Paradise Beach.
Paradise Beach.


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